Managing Users

About user roles

Storypro has the following different user roles:

  • Admin - Has full permission to create content, moderate comments, ban users, edit user roles and edit the site settings

  • Editor - Can create content, and ban or verify users.

  • Member - Can create a user profile page and leave comments.

  • Banned - Cannot engage with the platform.

Managing Users

To manage who has access to your platform and what permissions they have, select Users from the menu. You will see a list of users and roles for your platform. 

If you are just starting out, you will only see your name and a support email. If you have new users signed up to your platform, you will also find them here.

Click on a user name to see their metadata, user profile, and social media information. 

How to change user roles

Click Edit to edit their role. From a dropdown menu, select the new role and click Save.

How to delete comments and block users

Visitors to your platform are able to sign up so that they can comment on your content. If any of your members are misbehaving, leaving offensive comments, or trolling other users you can delete their comments or block them as a user so that they are not able to interact with the content. 

Deleting comments

To delete comments, go to the live site as an admin. You will see the comments have an edit option at the top-right. Click the icon with the three dots and then click Delete Post.

Banning users

You need admin or editor permissions to ban users. Go to the Users list and select the user you want to ban. From here, click the Banned button at the top of the screen.

Alternately, you can Edit and then select Banned from the user roles dropdown.

How to verify editors

You can verify your content creators to show that they are reliable and quality creators. Go to the user list and select the user you want to verify. Click the Verify Account button. 

The user will appear with a checkmark next to their name so that other users know they are verified.

Unverify a user at any time by clicking the Unverify button on their user page.

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