Promotions lets you quickly build content conversion funnels with native ads, analyze their performance, and optimize the conversion rates. 

Creating a promotion

Select Promotions from the menu then click the Add New Promotion button.

In the Meta area, add a Name to your promotion. This is just to identify the promotion on the backend and won’t show to your users. Tags are optional but this can be useful if you are running different promotions as part of the same campaign and will allow you to group them all together. 

In the Promo area, the Title, Description and Image should all encourage the user to click on your promotion. Then, add the url to the landing page where you have your promotion.

Once you have filled it out, your promotion will be displayed at the bottom of every piece of content your visitor opens.

You can control where your promotions show up by adding tags to them. The platform will automatically show promotions with tags that match your articles or other content.

Monitoring promotion analytics

Global analytics

On your Dashboard, you can see how many people have clicked on your promo in Engagements and the % of visitors who clicked on it in Conversion Rates.

Individual promo analytics

You can also see stats for your individual promotions. Published promotions along with their performance stats (# views and % conversions) will show on the promotions page. Keep a close eye on your analytics and change or remove underperforming promotions or boost the ones that convert more frequently.

Article analytics

In addition, you can go to the Article page and see which articles are getting more promo clicks. Every piece of content published on Story Pro shows content engagement statistics, including promotion clicks

Monitoring the data from all these different sources will help you optimize your promotions.

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