The StoryPRO analytics engine helps you understand how well your node is working and gives you the metrics you need to optimize its performance continually.

The dashboard is your home screen when you log into the admin area of your platform. The screen is divided into four different quadrants for easy viewing, and the metrics displayed help you quickly understand the most critical metrics for growing your platform.

Use the date filters to focus on a specific time period. By default, the data shown will be for the last 7 days, but you can select from other options or set your own custom period.

Traffic graph

This graph shows you how many visitors you had per day for the selected timeframe. You can easily see which dates have spikes in traffic to help you plan campaigns, etc.

Published content chart

This chart shows you how your content publishing is distributed across the different content types over your selected date range. This helps you to quickly see if your content strategy matches with what you are actually publishing.

Visitor conversion table

This table shows your conversion metrics across a number of different areas. The percentages are based on numbers of visitors for the time period you have selected in the date filters. Numbers shown in red indicate a drop in comparison with the preceding period: 

  1. Visitors to Users - The % of your visitors who converted to users by signing up on the platform. Monitor this percentage to find out what kind of content is encouraging visitors to sign up. 

  2. Visitors to Comments - The percentage of platform visitors who commented on a piece of content. This is a useful stat to monitor as you can easily identify which pieces of content are proving more engaging.

  3. Visitors to Newsletter Subscribers - The % of your visitors who subscribed for a newsletter by submitting their email.

  4. Visitors to Promo Clicks - The % of your visitors who clicked on a promotion. This is very useful for monitoring the success of your promotions.

Engagement statistics

The engagement statistics show numbers for the same four metrics—the total number of signups, comments, newsletter subscriptions, and native ad views.

To find out how to use analytics for marketing and promotions, see the Promotions guide.

To find out more about what analytics are available for published content, see the Publishing Guide.

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