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The Internet was born equal. It didn't matter who you were, what you looked like, or where you lived. Anyone could learn some HTML, build a webpage, upload it to a server and share it with the rest of the world. Everyone had an equal voice.

The Internet evolved, and along with it, so did search engine algorithms and people's expectations for quality. Building websites became expensive, and the voice to speak was given to people who could afford it. StoryPro was created to change that.

We built a technology that makes it simple, fast, and easy for anyone to launch a distributed publication with multimedia-rich content that engages visitors and pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and storytelling online.

StoryPRO Member

Michael Few

An Air Force veteran, entrepreneur, and investor, Michael has spent the last 15 years bridging the world of technology with his understanding of human performance, neurobiology, mindfulness, and leadership development.

StoryPRO Member

Leonid Medovyy

A serial entrepreneur and web-native, Leonid has been involved in application development since 1996. In that time, he built countless websites, mobile applications and launched multiple startups.

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We're on a mission to push the boundaries of innovation in creative expression and are always looking for driven and passionate people to help us build the best creative platform on the internet.

StoryPRO enables businesses of all sizes to leverage their content and use it as a primary revenue driver. By bringing the immersive viewing experience consumers are familiar with to the web, any business can market like a media company, create its own community, and convert viewers into brand advocates. 

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