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Every Node on the StoryPRO network is securely hosted in a single-tenant environment on a scalable virtual container, with its own set of web workers, a key-value store, and a relational database.

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Your node. Your domain. Your users. Your data.

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Development Starts
2017 (Q4)

Radically new ideas are impossible without a solid technical foundation. This is why we started with building a high-performance, modular application development framework powered by Ruby, Rails, Stimulus and ES6.

One codebase allows us to launch an infinite number of sovereign nodes while keeping the development both fast and fun.

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Battle Testing Completed
2020 (Q3)

Thousands of man-hours and rigorous testing under ultra-high stress-load produced a truly durable platform that's blazing fast even under the slowest of internet connections.

Next-Gen Publishing Engine
2021 (Q2)

Our new publishing engine is backed by our proprietary document storage format that allows anyone to build high-quality, interactive web content that works across all devices and gets better over time.

Privacy-First Analytics
2022 (Q1)

First-party cookie-less analytics powered by anonymity-sets and a SQL-based reporting engine gives node-runners better data and the ability to understand what their users want without spying on them.

Publishing Engine Upgrade
2022 (Q1)

Automatic video playback is back on both iOS and Chrome-based devices, which means that node-runners will gain the ability to use responsive videos backgrounds in place of static cover images.

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Next-Gen Blockchain
2022 (Q2)

Built from the ground up, our hybrid superchain unifies users and node operators to create space for a flourishing economy.

Total Gamification
2022 (Q3)

Users on every node will gain the ability to interact with each other, increase their reputation, and spend gold on spell power-ups.

NFT Upgrade
2022 (Q3)

Node-operators will be able to run an independent NFT marketplace, and users will gain the ability to decorate their profiles with the NFTs.

Mobile Client
2022 (Q4)

All nodes will become accessible through a native mobile application with push notifications and a global node search functionality.

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